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Uninstall KubeBlocks and kbcli

Uninstallation order:

  1. Delete your cluster if you have created a cluster.

    kbcli cluster delete <name>
  2. Uninstall KubeBlocks.

  3. Uninstall kbcli.

Uninstall KubeBlocks

Uninstall KubeBlocks if you want to delete KubeBlocks after your trial.

kbcli kubeblocks uninstall

Uninstall kbcli

Uninstall kbcli if you want to delete kbcli after your trial. Use the same option as the way you install kbcli.

For curl, run

sudo rm /usr/local/bin/kbcli

For brew, run

brew uninstall kbcli

kbcli creates a hidden folder named ~/.kbcli under the HOME directory to store configuration information and temporary files. You can delete this folder after uninstalling kbcli.