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Connect database in testing environment

Option 1. Use kbcli cluster connect command

You can use the kbcli cluster connect command and specify the cluster name to be connected.

kbcli cluster connect ${cluster-name}

The lower-level command is actually kubectl exec. The command is functional as long as the K8s API server is accessible.

Option 2. Connect database with CLI or SDK client

Execute the following command to get the network information of the targeted database and connect it with the printed IP address.

kbcli cluster connect --show-example --show-password ${cluster-name}

Information printed includes database addresses, port No., username, password. The figure below is an example of MySQL database network information.

  • Address: -h specifies the server address. In the example below it is
  • Port: -P specifies port No. , In the example below it is 3306.
  • User: -u is the user name.
  • Password: -p shows the password. In the example below, it is hQBCKZLI.

The password does not include -p.